Xenia Alexiou was born in northern Greece on September 20th, 1967. She has studied, traveled, and lived in many countries, on many continents, and considers herself a citizen of the world, but Greece is and will always remain her home.

"There is nothing I enjoy more than traveling and taking pictures of the many breathtaking places this world has to offer. Most of all, I like to capture the wonderful and interesting people that represent these cultures. Trying to see the world through their eyes has been my most challenging yet rewarding pursuit so far.

Children, especially, have always had a special place in my heart. Regardless of race, country and religion, all children should have the right to be JUST that. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many countries, where war and famine have poisoned their youth and replaced the look of happiness and purity in their eyes with that of despair and fear. No child should have to replace balls and dolls for guns and grenades. No child should have haunted eyes."

Her extensive travels have inspired countless stories. The seven-book Elite Operatives series, released by Bold Strokes Books, mark her debut as a writer. Demons are Forever was released in 2012 and her latest release is The Gemini Deception, the sixth book in the series. Book seven, One Last Thing will be released in 2015.

Book Four, Dying to Live, was 2012 Lambda Literary Award Winner, won a 2012 Golden Crown Literary Society Award and The Lesbian Fiction Readers' Choice Award. Book Three, Missing Lynx, was a 2011 Lambda Literary Award Finalist, won a 2011 Golden Crown Literary Society Award, two Lesbian Fiction Readers' Choice Awards, and Honorable Mention in the 2011 LGBT Rainbow Awards. Book Two, Thief of Always, won a 2010 Golden Crown Literary Society Award and two Lesbian Fiction Readers' Choice Awards. Lethal Affairs, the first book in the series, reached #1 in Lesbian fiction on Amazon's best seller list two days after its July 14, 2008 release. It won the Lesbian Fiction Readers' Choice Award for favorite Adventure in 2009, and the Dutch translation won 2nd prize for "All-Time Best Lesbian International Book". The first three books in the series have been translated into Dutch and Russian.

Her passions include photography, the music of her homeland, racing fast cars and bikes, and a variety of sports. She is a voracious reader, and her extensive library contains an eclectic array of academic material, including books on sociology, anatomy, genetics, psychology, chemistry, and physics. Some of her favorite fiction authors include Fjodor Dostojewski, Leo Tolstoy, Umberto Eco, Michael Cunningham, and David Sedaris. But as much as she enjoys all of the above, that which gives her the greatest joy is spending time, when ever possible, with her amazing nephews.


Kim's a former journalist who started writing lesbian fiction in 2001. In 2005, I read her first two books and offered some feedback on them. We then began corresponding, became friends, and Kim asked me to be one of her 'first readers' on her next three novels, reading along as she wrote. Kim incorporated a lot of my ideas into those manuscripts.

While she was finishing her fifth novel, Focus of Desire, I approached her with a complex intrigue story and asked if she'd be interested in co-authoring with me. Kim jumped at the chance, and that story became Lethal Affairs.

It was the first in the series of my stories that we are collaborating on, collectively called the Elite Operative Series.

Check out Kim's website for more information on the author and her work.

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