Curve Magazine - November 2009

Better Late Than Never - by Kathi Isserman

Lethal Affairs, Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou (Bold Strokes Books):

Unexpected twists and turns, deadly action, complex characters and multiple subplots converge to make this book a gripping pageturner. The elite operative Domino has been in training as an assassin since she was a girl. She is the consummate professional. Nothing in her life is personal until she meets Hayley Ward - her next target. Ward, who is a journalist, has stumbled onto some highly classified information that could make her career, but if Domino doesn't eliminate her, someone else will.

Lethal Affairs mixes political intrigue with romance, giving the reader an easy-flowing, fastmoving story that never lets up.

A must-read, even though it has been out for a while. Thief of Always, the duo's second, and equally good, book in the Elite Operatives series, came out earlier this year. (

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