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What Reviewers Say:

Reviewed by Victoria Brownworth for Lambda Literary

Missing Lynx is the latest in the Elite Operatives thriller series by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou. Even if you haven't read the two previous offerings - Lethal Affairs and Thief of Always (gotta love these 1960s style spy titles) - you can easily fall into this third installment.

Missing Lynx puts the thrill in thriller. Cassady Monroe, concert violinist and spy also known as Lynx, is only 25, but quite the prodigy. When a serial killer known as Headhunter, a grisly purveyor in the skin trade resurfaces, Cassady/Lynx must test her mettle on the case - her first real assignment for the Elite Operatives.

In true thriller style, Baldwin and Alexiou take their women around the globe. Missing Lynx takes us from Vienna, all around the U.S. Southwest, on to New York, down to some of the most dangerous parts of Mexico, on to China and Vietnam and back to the Southwest. Quite the wild ride. But that's what lends verisimilitude to this tale of the traffic in human beings.

Lynx hooks up with a mercenary during her journey and that relationship sends a sizzle through the story that is palpable. Heroine and anti-heroine. Quite the chemistry.

A dark, edgy, often grisly tale, Missing Lynx has the grit and pacing of a Bourne saga, but with highly engaging and thoroughly challenging female characters. Not for the faint hearted.

Reviewed by RLynne for Just About Write

Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou just get better and better at coming up with tightly written thrillers with plenty of "seat of the pants" action. Missing Lynx is the third book in the Elite Operatives series.

As with the other books, it takes the reader across the globe from America to China and Viet Nam. EOO Agent Lynx is sent after a serial killer who preys on beautiful young women. Her hunt is complicated by a mercenary, Jack, who is after the same target. As the two women search across the globe for "The Headhunter", they explore their feelings for each other, their past, and their perceptions on their work. It is when the two women discuss their work that Baldwin and Alexiou truly excel as they explore the motivations of money, security, good and evil.

Missing Lynx is a roller coaster ride into the seamier side of life and the bonds which bind humans into trying to better the world. This is a book which grips the reader until the final page.

What Readers Say:

By Nicki (The Netherlands) 2010-05-09

Thanks again Xenia and Kim, Missing Lynx was equal to my anticipation! I read it over the course of a week before dropping off into a dreamland scattered with elements of the story and excitement to match. Luckily no nightmares though. I enjoy the romanticised version of a serial killer as in Dexter, but I'm more interested in the real thing. And, this real thing is pretty darn creepy.

The skin trade was something I knew nothing about, and now I know more than I'd like to. They have woven the nasty details into the story without turning it into a lecture, the effect that of making me even more aware of the horrors that humans are able to enjoy. This combination of serial killer with human trafficking is awful.

As with the previous EOO books, the characters are believable and interesting making me want to learn more. This time I favoured Jack, who's complicated, difficult (recent)past left me hoping to read about her again in the future. Also good to catch up a little with previous ops, and the EOO management!

And as I got, reluctantly, to the last page I wished I could lean over and pick up the next installment. Especially with the hint of things to come as given on the last pages.

To anyone wondering whether they should dive into the EOO series... check out the other reviews if you must but order the books asap and get reading! If intrigue is your thing, strong women turn you on and you love impossible loves - you're going to be adequately rewarded.

I'm counting the weeks...

By Logan Wolf (San Francisco) 2010-04-19

missing lynx continues the saga of the elite operatives organization. lynx is the next operative to test her skills against the dangerous bad guys of the world. she is also one of the more inexperienced ops in the organization. she's sent on her first solo mission and the assignment could make or break her.

while the main character is different, although no less lethal than domino and allegro, the formula of the book closely follows those of "lethal affairs" and "thief of always": kickass female secret agent is sent on a mission to save the world (or at least a portion of it). along the way, she is tested, challenged, and falls in love with the last person she would expect to fall for.

as formulaic as it sounds, i love the plotline. i also appreciate that characters from the previous books are included in the new story, and that the reader is gifted with more back story on one key player from book one.

can't wait for the next one.

By Wolfe, I.M. 2010-04-02

It looks like this book has gotten raving reviews and I can see why. Missing Lynx is a fast-paced, intense read. The writing is crisp as usual but the dialogue this time is practically personal. The main characters, Lynx and the mercenary are especially well written and the locations are international and well depicted. I appreciated the look into the serial killers mind who although sick, due to the background information and details is realistically portrayed.

What I enjoy about this series is that aside from the romance and action, there is a message in each and all three of them. This one focuses on the skin trade and how the people abducted by or sold to traders are doomed to a life of pain and slavery until the very few step up to fight for them. The book opens with the quote "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing." After having read this book I fundamentally concur.

All in all a very thought provoking and poignant book with plenty of chilling moments and dare I say, the most well developed and interesting characters so far. In my opinion the mercenary steals the show and the authors have left the door open concerning her identity, which leads me to believe that we are going to see more of her. I hope that's the case because I truly want to know more about this complicated woman.

I highly recommend this book and can't wait for the next one.

By Carol Lawrence (Manhattan, NY) 2010-03-14

Missing Lynx is a fast paced story with amazing characters. I really like that these books take the reader to so many different places and introduce characters with different backgrounds and nationalities.

What I also find very impressive are the well plotted stories and the attention paid to details concerning the locations and people.

Although I have enjoyed all the books in this series so far, Missing Lynx is probably my favorite read period, in a long time. I especially liked Lynx's persistence and the fact that I think she's very sexy. Not to mention that she's a musician which I find a fantastic quality. I play the violin too and can totally relate to her love for it.

All in all a thrilling, sexy read I could not put down until I was finished. It always makes me sad to finish these books because I want to know so much more about the people and the stories.

I can't wait for the next one!

By Carmen Rodriquez (Spain) 2010-03-20

Dear readers, I just finished reading "Missing Lynx". In one word : QUE MARAVILLOSO!

I have to say that I have not read the previous books of this series because I did not know about them but I realize now that I MUST order them immediately because I believe that they are also fantastic. As soon as I started reading the book I couldn't let it out of my hands. Mama Santa Rosa I even took it to the bathroom with me.... I went to work yesterday morning and spent half of my working day thinking of the people in this book and talking about them with my collegas like they were real. (so everyone thought that Lynx was a personal friend...and...I did not deny it...).

The suspense had kept me awake the previous night and I had to drink four café to keep my eyes open. I found the plot VERY INTERESANTE and written with great rhythm. What also impressed me Carmenchitta, was the information given about countries I had no idea about and the mean people that handle women so badly. Finally I, Carmenchitta fantasized meeting Jack, QUE SENSUAL!!!!! (I even had a wet dream about her) Sorry if this is too personal but this has never happened to Carmenchitta. I had to share.

This book is my number one! When I read the other two (I have ordered them already) I will write back to you. VIVA LA "Missing Lynx"

By Sandy Johnson 2010-03-15

I liked the first two Elite Operatives books so much I was very anxious to read the latest adventure in the series, but I have to admit I was a little worried the writers couldn't sustain the high bar they had set with Lethal Affairs and Thief of Always. Both books had great characters, vivid foreign settings, tightly woven and unpredictable storylines, and fast paced action.

IMO, they are the best lesbian intrigue books out there by far. Hell, they're better than most mainstream thriller/intrigue books I've read recently, and I read a lot. But I'm happy to say that I was happily surprised to find I loved Missing Lynx even more than the first two. It's a tight, taut thriller with a scary creepy villain, and it's a book that is just impossible to put down once you start reading it. I've had it a week now and read it twice just because I love the main characters so much.

The only downside to this series is having to wait a whole year for the next installment. I wish I could tell the authors to write faster! A highly recommended read.

By Tq (Seattle) 2010-02-20

Wow! What an amazing book these two authors have written. If you're looking for a book you can't put down with suspense, romance and a touch of humor then you've come to the right place. Missing Lynx is all that and more.

Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou have not only created an Elite Operative series that will grab you from the beginning until the end, they have also made it so you will remain on edge and keep coming back for more. I highly encourage you to start with Lethal Affairs, Thief of Always and then of course the latest and greatest, Missing Lynx. The only regret you will have is when each book ends. Well done ladies.

By Musa 2010-02-12

Absolutely loving this book and the EOO series, and I love the way how the authors makes all the characters in the EOO series connected, and across different novels. I started with Lethal affairs, loved it. Then I was reading Thief of Always, where there were references back onto the main character in Lethal Affairs. In Missing Lynx, we'll also see a familiar character which we're all familiar with from Lethal Affairs. I just love the way how the characters are being portrayed and being written using different perspectives.

Loads of action, as well as a romantic line between the major characters. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and i actually managed to finish it in one sitting (which is rather unusual for me). Absolutely recommending it as well as the earlier EOO series. Can't wait to read the next book, just too unfortunate that I have to wait until the next year !!

By Washington, J (Washington DC) 2010-02-13

I completely enjoy reading and reviewing this series because it's worth my time and money and it's what it advertises to be. By that I mean "intrigue". The majority of books in this genre fall desperately short of being true intrigue and publishers have no problem advertising them as such. If 70% of a story is romance with a skimpy and transparent excuse of a thriller, mystery, espionage plot thrown in as an afterthought, then please do readers a favor and advertise it as romance. Times in the US are too tight to be making misguided purchases.

My review:
Missing Lynx, the third installment in the Elite Operatives series is gripping, disturbing, intense and emotionally loaded. It's thrilling story and strong characters, make this book a first class read. What I find particularly rewarding and well crafted are the subtle and carefully placed clues starting already in Lethal Affairs and continuing throughout. If it's Alexiou's travels that inspire these stories then I hope she stays on the move.

Cassady Monroe aka Lynx and the hired mercenary, whose identity took me completely by surprise, are as compelling and three dimensional individually as they are as a couple. Both have a rich history which they deal with in different ways.

The mercenary although fierce and seemingly ruthless, imo due to a good dose of PTSD, stole my heart with her genuine feelings towards Lynx. Although she's seen, done and survived indescribable cruelties, when she's around the object of her affection she becomes an innocent and awkward teenager. I completely fell and felt for this damaged anti-heroine.

Lynx is a different kind of operative. Unlike Domino or Allegro, Lynx actually enjoys her job (EOO) and is determined to prove herself on her first assignment. She has a strong sense of loyalty towards the organization and does everything by the book when she's on her missions. But nothing about what happens in the chase for the serial killer goes by the book. And I do mean nothing. She's fresh, gutsy, passionate and by the end a force to be reckoned with.

The hunt for the serial killer is a thrill that starts with the feds in the US and moves to other parts of the world with Lynx. The authors have created a true monster in this calm and calculated fiend. The verbal exchange with the skin traders is intelligent and gruesomely real and the behind the scenes look at the trade in Asia is both fascinating and disconcerting. The whole setting, is so disturbingly realistic it seriously left me chilled to the bone long after I'd finished the book. Another big surprise is the head of the EOO, Montgomery Pierce. I can't wait to see what happens there.

Last but not least the romance in Missing Lynx is intense, complex and even heartbreaking at times due to the intricate past and present of the two. I absolutely loved this couple and the very HOT, practically tangible chemistry between them.

The prologue sets you up for the next book and I can't wait. A highly memorable read that took my mind off being snowed it. I wish I could give this book 10 stars, but...5's the limit!

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