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Thief Of Always: Stealing a diamond to save the world is the easy part.

Elite Operatives - Book 2
February 2009

ISBN: 9781602820494
Pages: 288
Available from:
Bold Strokes Books
Translation into:
Dutch, 2010
Mishael Taylor takes comfort in speed, racing from one mission to another as Allegro, one of the Elite Operative Organization's top agents, or from one affair to another, to avoid having to think about the things she's seen and done.
Her training and cocky self-confidence have equipped her to deal with any situation. But her greatest challenge comes when she's assigned to steal the priceless Blue Star diamond from Dutch countess Kristine Marie van der Jagt. Not only must she win a high-stakes race against Afghan terrorists and Neo-Nazis, she also has to contend with a target who has somehow managed to steal her heart.

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Awards & Honors
2010 Golden Crown Literary Society Award - Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller
2009 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award - Favorite Lesbian Adventure
2009 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award - Favorite Lesbian Mystery
2009 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award - Favorite Cover

Dutch Translation "Explosieve Erfenis" by Johanna Pas for LaVita Publishing in 2010.

A very special thank you to Zus from Zusmedia for an amazing job on the book trailer below!

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